Vale of Bergen

Vale of Bergen

Vale of Bergen or The Vale is one of the regions of Middenheim and was formerly known as Talbergen, a Freihold, before the Unification of the Crowns. The Vale is ruled by Herr Erhart Steinbrandt, Margrave of the Vale from the castle known as the Thorn. Notable houses of this region include House Albrecht, Schreiber, Pfeifferhorn, and Roose.


The Vale is located on the eastern marches of Middenheim, a wild land of rich black soil, wide slow-moving rivers, and hundreds of small lakes that shine like mirrors in the sun, protected from the north by its formidable mountain range and by the great Middenwald forest through most of its south. The Vale tends to be slightly isolated from the rest of the world. The Vale’s harsh winters make travel only possible through the mountains during warmer months, and distrustful mountain and forest clans make travel even more dangerous at times of unrest. The Vale can be reached through the High Road, which connects the Vale and the rest of Middenheim, and is protected by the Granite Gate.

The borders of the Vale are held to be the Whitehelms to the north, the Sanndereich river far to the south, the Little Helms to the west and the Widebog Marsh to the east.

The Vale consists of various regions: the Vale of Bergen itself, where can be found The Thorn, seat of power of the Vale and Bergenstadt, its most prominent township; the Little Helms and its valleys; the Eastern Reaches of the Middenwald; the islands of the Three Ferrymen in the Widebog, The Rambling Pass in the Whitehelms and the fortress of the Crag; and Altraiten, the principal trading hub for the region, in part because of its location on the Sandereich River and its access to some navigable channels in the Widebog.

People and Economy

The people of the Vale, popularly called “Valemen,” are known as honorable, reliable warriors. They are, afterall, the first line of defense for Middenheim from whatever comes out of the South or the East. Men here have a sense of civic pride in distrust of what they figure isn’t a match for the natural order of things. That isn’t to say they are entirely hostile to magic or issues of faith; or even of trading favors with an ancient being or another. They are simply known for their stubbornness and their sons-of-the-soil attitude towards life. As such, you will have a hard time convincing a Valeman of an idea that has already rooted itself in his or her psyche. An opinion made is an opinion expressed.
Wheat, corn, and barley is grown in the Vale. Not even in all of Middenheim do the pumpkins grow any larger nor is the fruit any sweeter. The region, with its abbeys, is known for producing scented candles, used in all of the world for religious festivities. The candles can be scented with nutmeg and other costly spices.

Vale of Bergen

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