The Fair Folk

When you first began your adventures, you had the fine advantage of a wise old man serving as your teacher, guide and tutor. Edmure set you all on the right path, steered you past certain doom for beginners and made sure that you would survive your first adventure. What follows is a talk he once had with you regarding the Fey.

“You know, The Fair Folk seem to hold a peculiar fascination for mortals. Townsfolk, seem to be an inexhaustible font of information regarding the little bastards, their foul “familiars”, their vile herbs and potions and such."

He pauses to take a long draw on his pipe…

“Sometimes… Their tall tales can be a reflection of the truth. There be myriad critters what dwell in the world of the Space Between and the World Under. What we often calls Faeries is in fact the name they give to their realm, their kingdom, land of the Fair… ’nd it also sometimes gets applied to the inhabitants. Faerie, therefore, is both a land and a race. In that kingdom, well… How can I tell you this… In that crazed land, there is more difference between fairies than just their color. And some of these are evil. Very evil.

We’d been given the little bastards many other names throughout our interactions with ‘em. You have, of course, the standard shape-shiftey witches, in so far as a shape-shiftey witch can be standard, banshees, strange eldritch tree-sorceresses, hags, and most dangerous of all their Court, all of ’em changelings. And there are also the jibberjiggers, evil perils too a’many to describe and so forth. And somewhere in there mortals have lumped together other unsavory characters like The Sleep Walkers or the Gnomes and Dwarves, who are altogether different types and not always evil but always unpleasant and … Lets say inconvenient. . It has been useful for us to categorize, I’m sure.

However, the reality of the Kingdom of Faeries is quite different from whatcha hear in the Inns and Old Wives circles in the back-countries. All fairies have, and live in, a very big, very weird hole’in the ground. Energy places… Just like the demons and the fellows with wings what fight the demons… And fairies dwell in the worst of the worst in the way of strange, you’ve all heard the stories… Most of ‘em have some inkling of truth to ’um. Then they still have the gall to come into our world. Sometimes out of boredom. Sometimes out of necessity. Goes without sayin’ that we could go without interactions with the fair folk. They’ll come around and offer you a golden riding horse or some kind of stalion made out o’ diamonds… If you’ll just come visit their realm wiff’em.

and I’ll tell ya.

You don’t want to go there. I know, because I ’ave. Our hideous tales of horror pale in comparison. Let me tell you, I met a few fairies that I, myself, know for sure, else I met some mighty peculiar folk in my day."

He pauses once again to draw from his pipe.

“And you too, will be familiar with many.

But let me be perfectly clear. I am summarizing my extensive tales here, although they are mixed in with and based upon drunken or magically hazed memory. there used to be a fairy, would come around and extract a toll out of far flung communities. They’d trade their children for a fair harvest or for relief from the plagues or for favor in war, often in the form o’ fairy arms. Peculiar things I tell ya. What it did with the children was entirely unclear. It was clear with the townsfolk that no harm came to them. That they went on to better than dirt-farming in the boons. Some say the children are taken away to the Space between, working strange mines, others say the fairies raise the kids as slaves or guardians, makin’ them do things that for strange reasons they cannae do themselves. In my travels, I’ve come to the conclusion that its all true. All of it. And that Fairies cannot lie to your face, well, most of them, or rather, mayhaps they find it distasteful, but a bargain struck to with one of ’em… Is never what it seems and is never in your favor. How I learned ’at is a story for another time."

The Fair Folk

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