Ahhh, the desert… Its smells, its people, its magic… Mahemet is a land in sync with flowing currents. The flow of the sand in the wind, the flow the waves in its ports and the flow of magic in its minds… In Mahemet, wealth is of the utmost importance, not for the sake of wealth in itself, it is sought after so that the seeker can lead a life of leisure. While few attain this goal, most Mahemetans aspire towards it. Gadgets and magical items are commonly found in Mahemet, where they are widely used as labor-saving devices. Magic-users are held in high esteem, being the providers of the much-sought-after magical devices. Mahemet is ruled by the Pasha in Al-Mahaari, although each city governs itself in practice, with the Pasha being unable to carry out any major actions without the permission of at least some of the cities’ viziers. Magic being the way forward for all in Mahemet, everyone tries their hand at it. With mixed results. Bootstrap magic-use has led to the liberation of many peculiar oddities into the Mahemetan wilds. Not that its natural wildlife wasn’t menacing enough, in addition to various new beasts that happen to find themselves in Mahemet, the land is also home to great and ancient evils. The desert holds its secrets.

In the desert, which the locals call the Sacred Wastes, ancient tombs can be found, one day or another uncovered by the dunes and the winds, only to disappear the next day leaving no trace. These tombs hold the promise of ancient artifacts, gold, jewels if one can simply bypass the inevitable traps, curses and the tombs ubiquitous guardians.

With such promise for adventure, Mahemet is home to a organization dedicated to uncovering lost secrets. The Grey Wanderers have spent ages delving deep into the deserts in search of old forgotten artifacts. They are well respected and can be found far and wide as each Brother or Sister of the order is allowed to follow any path they uncover in their search towards greater rewards. Which means that Grey Friars and Sisters can be found anywhere from the east, to the west and anywhere in between.

So, Mahemet, is accustomed to travel. After all, its mysteries draw adventurers from all over the world and its most famous organization is fundamentally drawn to travel the globe. This means that, the Bazaars and Caravanserai of Mahemet hold anything one could possibly imagine. For the right price. Mahemetans are generally friendly, are generally well versed in the culture of others. This, of course, makes them fantastic assassins. Travelers should be wary of those who are overly friendly in Mahemet. They may have plans for you that may be … Uncomfortable.


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