“This land, my friend, she is not your land. You would be more comfortable in the north, yes?”

lareira is a place where everything is geared towards the acquisition of money, and the lavish spending of the rich is evident everywhere. Conversations are filled with references to currency and the ambition to acquire more, whether or not the current topic has any connection with finance. The country was once divided, with its cities banding together only for mutual defense, while the rest of the time they struggled with each other over trade routes. During one trade war, the Trading Guild, with a mysterious membership comprising some of lareira’s most powerful trade houses, emerged as the puppet masters of a united country, pulling the strings behind the scenes and giving their marching orders to an ineffective monarchy under Crown-Elector Alejandro I of the Felipe family. The Oligarchs were successful in promoting free enterprise, the making of money takes precedence over everything else, and anyone who can make money is well respected. Adventuring groups and magic-users are actively discouraged from plying their trades, unless they are properly licensed with the government. Their appearance in the country being something of an affront to the sensibilities of the noble houses, who see interference as a charge of ineffective rule.

It is a tremendously wealthy nation, holding colonies and controlling important trade routes. In spite of the distaste of the locals, or rather of local nobility, to adventurers, lareira still attracts adventurers from many lands. lareira’s capital is Coronada, it is home to many official buildings along with the palace of most of the Oligarchs and the official monarchy. It also plays host to the Circle of the Hood, the nations official magical conclave.

Adventuring or practicing magic in Lareira can have a grave consequences. As such, traditional safety against magical and otherworldly threats must be dealt with by someone else. In Lareira, that task falls to the dread Inquisition. Special Templars of the Sept, supported by the state, roam the country stamping out so called threats. Should enemies of the Oligarchy find themselves in the crosshairs… Who would be the wiser?


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