House Magic Rules

All casting times are doubled.

All numerical values of a spell are doubled.

All spells require an “attack” roll (1d20+appropriate caster stat) to check spell success, natural 1 means the spell critically failed (loss of mana, roll to confirm critical failure; if confirmed roll on critical failure table), natural 20 means the spell critically succeeded (all damage modifiers doubled, and appropriate stat bonus is doubled (int/wis etc.)). Spell success DC is 10+spell level.

Spellcasters have more control over the form of spells, and may add another damage dies, increase the save DC by 1 point, add another round of effect, changing the elemental nature of a spell or any combination of the above at he cost of adding 1 point to the spell success DC per changed characteristics.

Using metamagic feats is subsequently different. Rather, each metamagic feat adds one point to the critical failure chance. Using more than one feat keeps adding points to the spell. Each metamagic feat used adds two points to spell success DC.
Spells do not need to be prepared in advance, all casters are spontaneous casters.

Casters can cast any spell known.

There is no limit of spells cast per day. But be wary, magic is pulled from the Fadelands, said power has to come from somewhere.

Spellcasters may attempt to pierce the veil of the Fadelands every level to learn new spells. They may select any spell they would be eligible to take, and attempt to learn the mechanics of the spell by journeying through the Fadelands. The caster may attempt to learn any number of spell they want. The first spell they attempt to learn requires a spell success roll as in combat, each additional attempt to learn a spell adds 2 points to the DC to learn. This same mechanic applies when learning spells from any source.

Difficulty differential:

Casting spells above ones level is permitted if the spell is known. But the difficulty will increase.

See table below.

+1 level, roll of 1-5 fails, critical failure 1-2
+2, 1-10, critical failure 1-3
+3, 1-15, critical failure 1-4
+4 1-19, Natural 20 only, critical failure 1-5

or +5, 1-19 fails, natural 20 only for success, critical failure 1-10, save DC doubled.

House Magic Rules

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