The West

The West


The Western continent is long and relatively narrow, extending from Erdine in the south to the Northmarches in the far north, where a large amount of land remains uncharted, due to the extremely cold temperatures and hostile inhabitants. The continent stretches for about 4,000 miles from north to south and for some 900 miles at its widest point east to west.
Its eastern coast borders the Trueborn Sea; across those waters lays the eastern continent of Athlone and the island chain known as the Stepsons. To the south is located the Weeping Sea, and within it the Sun Sister Islands. The northern lands of the West are less densely populated than the south despite their roughly equivalent size.


The northern-most regions, stretching from Valnheim north to the lands beyond the edge of the known map world. For the most part it is covered by the Kjørehanskefrost Forest and comprised of many lakes and rivers, and shelters strange beasts among the Hvarnlost Mountains. The far north presents an extremely harsh climate, allowing only small numbers of inhabitants in small villages, in those primarily wild and uncharted lands.


Hvalnheim is the largest region, nearly as large as the rest of the inhabited regions combined. It is sparsely populated, with vast wilderness, forests, pine-covered hills and snowcapped mountains, although it also is home to one of the five greatest cities on the continent, Kvarnthavn. The Northern climate is cold and harsh in the winter, and occasionally it snows, even in the summer. Its northern border is the forbidding Kjørehanskefrost Forest. Its southern frontier lies along the Widebog, a marshy isthmus separating it from the Southern kingdoms. The narrowness of the region and the difficulty of the terrain make it a natural border for the North, protecting it from invasion.
It has been ruled by a council of hereditary chieftains for generations. It is colder and much less populated than the southern parts of the continent. Most of its residents still follow the Old Gods, but some, mainly around the areas of Kvarnthavn, which has regular cultural and trade relations with the south, have taken to the regular religions of the continent.


It is the largest country on the continent, although the word country is used with some license. It lies between the Widebog, the Northlands, the mountains and shares a border with its neighbour to the west, Langonnet. It encompasses the fertile areas between the forks of the rivers Sondereich and its wetlands in the bogs. Most of it is covered by the great Middenwald forest, with varying coverage depending on the area. They are the domain of House von Rheitenhofen of Meisewald. It encompasses the Tribelands, the Vale of Bergen, the Arch-Duchy of Eldbrecht- both a region and the capital of the Reich, the Widebog and several dozen duchies and baronies.


It is a small region, compared to some of its neighbours, but is home to some of the richest gold and silver mines on the continent and has a very hardy seafaring tradition. Langonnet is a strong trading nation; it maintains effective trade relations with all of the major known ports.

Langonnet is ruled by House Langon of Rouande. People of this region are often called “Langonnois”. Bresance, lying hard by the Fortress of Rouande, is the chief town of the region and one of the great ports, it is known that for the right price, almost anything can be bought in Bresance.

Seasons and climate

The climate shifts from arid and dry desert climate in the furthest south to cold and harsh winters in the north and icy wasteland in the farthest north.

The West

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