Sur and Shar

The gods of spring are a twin deity, representing the dual nature of spring, mud and terrifying torrents along with beauty and sprouting greenery. Together they are known as the Twins and their worship is known as the House of Spring.

Shar, One of the Twins of Spring, is divinely beautiful, with ivory skin, shoulder length, flowing pale green and gold hair, and eyes the color of the clouds. She is tall and willowy, and looks somewhat mischievous. She usually wears long flowing robes dyed pale violet and pale blue. She is associated with the tricks Spring can sometimes cause, such as overflowing rivers. She is also associated with marriage and jesters. But her strongest association is with water. She is often worshipped by magic-users. There are many shrines to her at crossroads as she has a minor association with the hazards of the road… Affecting others. There are many myths involving her many adventures with Sur, her brother. She is known to sometimes hinder virtuous mortals.

Sur, the other half of the twin deity, is an exotic beauty, with fair skin, short, flowing black hair, and eyes the color of the sun. He is depicted as a slender built, smug youth. He usually wears armor dyed tan and dark greens. He has a stronger association with seduction than his sister. He is often worshipped by fishermen and those who wouldn’t have anything to gain from the random moods of his sister and her storms, as he is the bright side of spring, the gentle rain and the sun. There are many statues of him near bodies of water, so that he may calm his sister. He is known to give help to spurned lovers or mortals with love woes.

Their followers are primarily known for two things, firstly, their dress. It is often unusually made up of soft pastel green and blues. Their worshippers also speak a unique language known only to the faithful.

Sur and Shar

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