When taking damage from a critical hit, when losing more than half of HP in a single round, or performing/receiving a called shot, you have may have sustained an injury and must roll on the table below:

Roll 1d6

Roll Result

1. Injured Arm

Strength modifier halved on attack rolls and Str based saves.

2. Injured Leg

Dexterity modifier halved on attack rolls and Dex based saves. Speed reduced by 5 feet. Speed reduced by 15 feet.

3. Cracked Skull

Wisdom and Intelligence modifier halved. Including spell attack rolls. Can’t use spells that use concentration.

4. Cracked Rib

Constitution modifier halved. Vulnerable to Bludgeoning damage.

5. Internal organ wound

Fatigued and shaken.

6. No Injury Sustained

A fortitude save of DC equal to the damage received for the injury negates.

Called shots

A called shot is an attack aimed at a particular part of the body, in the hope of gaining some extra effect from the attack. The smaller or better guarded the area, the more difficult the called shot. A called shot is a single attack made as a full-round action, and thus can’t be combined with a charge, feats like Vital Strike, or multiple attacks with a full-attack action.

Called shots are divided into three basic difficulty groups: easy, tricky, and challenging. Easy called shots represent large areas of the body, and are made at a –2 penalty. They have relatively minor effects unless a critical hit is scored or massive damage is dealt. Tricky called shots represent either smaller areas, like a hand, or areas a creature protects well, like its head. Tricky shots receive a –5 penalty, and inflict more serious consequences. Challenging called shots represent very small areas like eyes, fingers, or creatures’ necks. They receive a –10 penalty, and successful hits cause significant short-term impairment. Beyond these challenging ratings lie almost impossible called shots that receive a –20 penalty. For called shots against non-humanoid creatures, use common sense and the categories above as guidelines. For example, a flying creature’s wings are treated as arms.

Successful called shots deal the appropriate selection from the roll table.


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