House Magic Rules


Spell Slots & Mana

Spells Slot will be eliminated, instead they will translate into a mana pool.
Spell slots will equal a number of mana points equal to the slot level they represent. So, a level 1 spell slot equals 1 mana and a level 2 spell slot equals 2 mana and so forth with more powerful slots. A spell costs mana points equal to the spell level of the spell being cast. So, a level 1 spell slot costs 1 mana and so on for more powerful spells.

Dedicated Spellcasters Bonus Mana

Classes eligible to cast spells at level 1 will receive a number of bonus points to their mana pool equal to their wisdom or intelligence bonus, whatever number is the highest.


There is no memorization needed. Spells must be learned from a book, scroll or another source. Gaining a level does not automatically mean a spellcaster gains new spells.

Casting a Spell means that the caster must roll a d20 to see if the spell was successful. Rolling a natural 1 means the spell failed spectacularly, the caster loses the mana required to cast the spell and must roll a d100 on the critical failure table. Rolling a 2 makes the spell fail, no lost mana. Rolling a natural 20 doubles the bonus the spell gets from player stats on the save DC.

Casting spells of a higher level than the character would normally be able to cast is permitted in the case where the character has the required mana for casting and has learned the spell. Casting a spell for which the character does not have a spell slot however, raises the chances that the spell will fail.

Spell Failure Table
+1 spell level, Failure rate 1-4
+2 spell level, Failure Rate 1-8
+3 spell level, Failure Rate 1-12
+4 spell level, Failure Rate 1-16
+5 Spell level, Automatic Failure – Success on Natural 20 only.


House Magic Rules

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